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Senrio protects you

1. Visualize

Find and identify all devices. See what they're up to. Know which apps are used on mobile devices

2. Score

Identify risky devices and locate insecure device configurations.

3. Monitor

The Senrio Engine profiles your devices and identifies behavioral anomalies. Know when devices are compromised or misused

4. Act

Integrations with SIEMs and firewalls allow for immediate containment and remediation

Get complete awareness.

Alerting via Dashboard, SMS, Email, etc.

Integrates with Firewalls, SIEMs, and IDSes.

API access available.

Senrio’s frictionless 1-2-3 installation

1. Choose deployment method.

2. Install the "zero config" sensor(s).

3. Be alerted to malicious activity.

A simple solution for complicated infrastructure

Senrio is completely passive so it can't be your "point of failure".

Invisible to attackers.

Senrio requires no deep packet inspection. From PCI to HIPAA, your data is safe.

Install as many Senrio Sensors as you need. Install wherever you need protection and visibility.

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